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How to keep positive in a negative world.

Hi all and welcome to this weeks blog post from SYO! To remain positive, you must think of yourself first. [Read more]

Is wearable technology all it’s cracked up to be?

Hi all and welcome to this week’s blog post from SYO! Today we’ll be talking about wearable technology! Recent research indicates that these wearables, like Fitbit and other trackers, can help improve... [Read more]

Anatomy of Breathing

The Anatomy of Breathing   Hi all and welcome to this week’s blog post from SYO! Today we’ll be talking about breathing. [Read more]


- TIPS FOR A HEALTHY FESTIVE SEASON -   With the festive season fast approaching, we know how easy it is for our healthy habits to take a backseat. [Read more]

Holiday Traffic

Welcome again folks to our SYO weekly blog post! Here in South Yarra we are in the heart of the beautiful concrete jungle of Melbourne’s inner city. [Read more]

Epilepsy Awareness Month

 Epilepsy Awareness Month Epilepsy can affect anyone with a brain. Each year 150,000 more people are diagnosed with epilepsy. [Read more]

Fancy Dresses, Sore Feet!

***Smart suits, pretty dresses, beautiful fascinators & 2 very sore feet!***- The Melbourne Spring Carnival is almost coming to a closure with it’s final days approaching. [Read more]

World Radiography Day

World Radiography Day is celebrated on 8 November each year. The date marks the anniversary of the discovery of x-radiation by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895. [Read more]


BLOG – Fitness   Tomorrow is the Australian Fitness Expo 2019 in Melbourne where you can discover the latest and greatest in the fitness world. [Read more]

Pony Tail Headaches

Pony Tail Headaches- they really do exist! - How many of you out there experience pain around the head after having your hair tied up all day long? Or do you ever... [Read more]